Bird Control


(columba livia)

In our pigeon and bird pest control service, we use optimal materials and techniques to quickly and effectively eliminate the annoyances caused by them. We make sure that the products we use are approved by the authorities to protect your facilities according to the law.

Our technicians are certified in working at heights and have extensive experience in installing anti-pigeon measures. We work with and without scaffolding. We conduct a detailed inspection of your home or business to identify problem areas and apply the appropriate treatments. In addition, we offer maintenance services to give you the peace of mind you need.

We understand that dealing with a bird control problem can be demoralizing and worrying, so we make sure to provide you with personalized and professional service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with pigeon pest control at your home or business. We’re here to help!

Nuestro método de control

1. Prevention

We examine the surroundings, routines, and physical weaknesses of your residence or workplace in order to avoid potential problems with birds.

2. Treatment

When the level of infestation exceeds the permitted thresholds according to the activity being carried out, curative treatments are carried out to eradicate the plague.

3. Maintenance

If required, we will take further action to prevent future issues or outbreaks caused by the existing or upcoming infestations.

Bird Control

In the urban environment, we must coexist with other species within our habitat. Many of these species are legally protected and any treatment must be aimed solely at removing them from our place of work or residence. These species can cause noise disturbances, damage to buildings, hygiene issues due to excrement, and even transmit diseases as pigeons are also vectors of transmission.


Types of birds we control.


Columba livia

Its spread in urban environments and its rapid proliferation mean that the acidity of its feces, its scavenger diet and its function as a vector of diseases make it a problem when it is protected.



They are not birds but they nest in human facilities producing large amounts of waste that create odors and unsanitary conditions that must be reversed. Like rats, they are vectors of disease.

Other Birds

In the city, we can also find blackbirds, goldfinches, sparrows, storks, and other birds that can cause us discomfort or economic damage that we can avoid. There are specific materials to keep them away from our community and keep them under control, always respecting their biological cycles.

Do you have any doubts?

After installation, it is important to ensure that pigeons do not become a problem again. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance visits to detect and address any potential problems before they become an infestation.

Yes, absolutely. After the installation, all physical control measures are integrated into the home. During the work, we use certified materials to minimize any occupational risk that may affect you.

Most measures take immediate effect. Right after installation, you will start seeing results. There are some methods that may take a little longer (sound or light-based or capturing).

In most cases, it is not necessary to evacuate the house or business during the treatment. Cordoning off the affected areas and respecting the workspace is enough.

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